Introducing the Pulsar® Precision 30

High-Tech Commercial Pool Disinfection with Powerful Performance

The Pulsar® Precision 30 feeder is a high capacity erosion (HCE) feeder that is compact and lightweight with a modular design.

The feeder uses Pulsar® Tablets that produces a fresh concentrated liquid chlorine solution for clean and sanitized water. This innovative feeder system is easy to maintain and service with a flexible design that allows for easy integration for small to medium size commercial pools.

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Powerful Feeder Performance

Booster pump optional

Provides consistent chlorine delivery

Feeder designed to minimize maintenance requirements

Injection molded components hold up to the strongest elements

Feeder design allows for easy access to internal components

Features high capacity erosion technology with the benefits of a venturi

Briquette Efficiencies

Won’t overstabilize pool

More concentrated than liquid bleach

Dry, easy to handle formulation

Will not cause reduction of ORP

Highly concentrated to reduce shipping and handling costs

Longer shelf life when compared to liquid bleach