Crypto Remediation

Pulsar CRS™ Crypto Remediation System

​Improves Clarity and Traps Cryptosporidium

Pulsar CRS™ Clarifier is a cationic polymer that when applied in small doses over a long period of time, and immediately after a backwash cycle; can improve filter efficacy on a sand bed from an average of 30-40 microns down to 2 microns*. An independent study shows this effectively traps up to 99% of cryptosporidium on the sand bed surface, clarifying the water to improve overall pool water quality.

  • Improves water clarity
  • Improves efficacy of UV systems
  • Reduces turbidity by an average of 37.5%
    Chemicals are NSF certified for coagulation and flocculation
  • System functionality is integrated into the Pulsar® control panel

What is Cryptosporidium?​

A protozoan parasite that can cause diarrhea and serious illness. It can be fatal to those with weakened immune systems.

Cryptosporidium is transmitted by swallowing contaminated water after an accidental fecal release.

The highest risk aquatic venues for Cryptosporidium ​are those where diaper-aged children present, particularly

  • Kiddie pools
  • Therapy pools
  • Interactive water features

Cryptosporidium accounts for nearly​ 80% of gastrointestinal illnesses in treated recreational water in the US.

The Pulsar CRS™ System can be easily installed on both new and existing Pulsar® Feeders. Order the kit below to get started.
  • Pulsar CRS™ Kit includes
  • Pulsar® ¼” NPT Cord Grip for Flow Switch Cable
  • Pulsar CRS™ Flow Switch Cable
  • Pulsar CRS™ PCP Pump
  • Pulsar CRS™ PCP Pump Mounting Kit
  • Effector Flow Switch
​​30490Pulsar CRS™ Clarifier (5 gallon) sold separately
The Pulsar CRS™ System should be used in conjunction with a proper sanitizer as another layer of protection in a total risk management program.