Hotel and Resort Properties Can Save Money with “Chlorine on Demand”

To better protect guests from waterborne parasites and to control costs, now is the time for Caribbean and South American hotel and resort owners currently using Trichlor or hand-added chlorine to consider new chlorination methods for their pools and spas. Many hotels and resorts in the United States, Canada and elsewhere choose Pulsar® chlorination systems.
Pulsar® chlorination systems provide demand-based chlorination that automatically adds the amount of chlorine that a pool needs to protect guests.

They also have a small footprint and require very little space, which allows for simple installation. In addition to ensuring cost-efficient and effective chlorine usage, the Pulsar® chlorination system uses patented Pulsar® Plus calcium hypochlorite (Cal Hypo) briquettes (a chlorine based pool treatment solution) made especially for the feed system, which are exclusively manufactured at Pulsar® facilities. The calcium hypochlorite briquettes work in tandem with the feed system and are readily available to Pulsar® feed system customers. Fixed pricing arrangements are available, allowing you to lock in your chlorine price for longer time periods than many granular chlorine products or Trichlor.

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