Maintenance you can forget about

Pulsar® Precision 30 is a high-precision, low-maintenance Cal Hypo feed system that results in clearer, safer pool water.

Integrates easily into small and medium-sized commercial pools

Key Features:

Cal Hypo vs. Bleach

The Splash-Free Way

Calcium Hypochlorite
65% available chlorine (minimum)
10.5% – 16% chlorine when made fresh. Quickly loses strength based on storage conditions
Contributes less TDS, requiring less draining of some pool volume annually
Sodium chlorate is a by-product as the bleach degrades
Decreased risk of formation
Increased risk of formation
5-6x more concentrated than liquid bleach
Suffers a continuous loss of chemical strength making dosing more challenging.
Solid white, pillow shaped briquette
Greenish-yellow, pungent liquid
Contains scale inhibitor designed to reduce maintenance and improve reliability of the chlorinator systems
Lack of calcium means pools may require calcium chloride applications to protect grout from dissolving and plaster from etching
Requires low level of pH correction. Water is clear, bright and sparkling.

May require 2X as much pH correction, increasing operating costs. High pH contributes to scaling and cloudiness in hard water.

Anti-scale formulation will not cause over stabilization and will provide continuous chlorination effectively
Wide variety of raw material (caustic soda) quality can lead to impurities (i.e. the presence of metal ions), cause quicker degradation, and affect product stability

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