Don’t Let Waterborne Illnesses Threaten Your Future Bookings

The rise in the power of social media is changing how hotels and resorts in the Caribbean and Central America operate. Property owners and management have to be cognizant about online reviews and what is said about their properties. Prospective guests can now see what others have to say about your resort or hotel at the touch of a button.

Taking guest feedback seriously and taking appropriate action can help to avoid adverse effects from negative publicity. In order to increase the probability of positive word-of-mouth, pro-active hotel and resort management teams continually strive to prevent the potential for problems in the first place.

Especially negative to a property’s reputation are health-related issues. News of a sickness outbreak at a hotel or resort has shown to hurt business as well as valuable customers. On the Internet word of a sickness outbreak at a property can travel fast. This can be in the form of online complaints by guests that suffered from gastroenteritis, or bloggers amplifying a Salmonella or Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at or near a travel destination. These illnesses are typically attributed to tainted food, drinking water, and sometimes HVAC issues.

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